Rose Bliss Basket

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Embrace the charm of our Rose Delight Basket, where every detail is meticulously crafted to evoke joy and warmth. At its heart lies a meticulously knitted rose, a timeless symbol of affection and grace, nestled alongside a decadent bar of Chocolate - a treat for the senses. Wrapped in rustic elegance with crisp sheets and ribbon, this basket exudes a rustic charm, accentuated by a handwritten message envelope awaiting your personal touch. Whether it's to express love, gratitude, or celebrate life's milestones, this thoughtful ensemble is more than a gift—it's a heartfelt gesture promising moments of pure delight and connection

Product Specifications:

  • 100% cotton yarn hand-knitted rose.

  • Beautifully wrapped with sheets and ribbon.

  • Allthings chocolate- 33% single Origin Iudkki Milk chocolate(100g)

  • Hand- knitted crochet toy

  • Handmade maccrame basket.

  • Handwritten message envelope.

  • Meet the Maker: Crochet

    Meet the Maker: Crochet

    Meet The Makers


    Welcome to Jawahar Nagar, the beating heart of our crochet skill centre. Here, amidst the rhythmic click of needles, talented artisans skillfully transform delicate threads into intricate and beautiful crochet pieces that capture the imagination. With our unwavering commitment to fair trade, we empower the artisans of Jawahar Nagar to refine their crochet skills, earn fair wages, and provide for their families, celebrating their artistry and dedication to the craft.

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