About Us

About Us

A home for rural women artisans who ought to be recognised, a centre of creativity and an oasis of everything contemporary Indian - Gul - coined from the flower ‘Rose’ - is a platform, or rather an home of encouragement , that enables women from rural India to surpass their setbacks in this journey of life and enables them to blossom like the flower 'Rose' - beautiful and bold, inside out!

With Gul, we endeavour to replace the hardships with hard work, insecurities with opportunities, and unutilised time with skill, opening new doors of possibilities, growth and prosperity!

At our core, we are built on three pillars - Conscious Living, Revival of Local Handicrafts and Culture, and creating a Platform for Empowerment

Through well-designed, high-quality products, we are on a journey to make a difference - in the lives of women who make them as well as you, who purchase them.

We are building a community of thoughtful disruptors - who believe in out-of-the-box innovative thinking, who wish to make a difference.


Our philosophy is simple - Train, Upskill, Design and Deliver.

We recognise not only the importance of our traditional arts but also the vitality of renewing the practises associated with it. We want to be the representatives of the rich history that India stands for. Who better than the actual artisans to help us do that?

At Gul, we combine traditional artisanal practices with modern sustainable design and curate handicrafts that are contemporary and make a statement. It is the fruits of labour of our women that are passed on FROM HER TO YOU.


For us empowering women is at the heart of the brand. We have envisioned to create a platform where women of low & medium income backgrounds are encouraged to learn new skills and empowered to use those skills to bring tangible change in their lives.


Our brand , a representative of an evolving India, is on a mission to revive the local arts & craftsmanship to curate a set of contemporary products that contribute to society as well as the environment.

Our Story

Gul was born out of an epiphany had by our founder - Ms. Tanya Setia

She realised the void of opportunities in rural and marginalised communities - where age-old traditions and the crafts were losing their essence and women artisans recognised by SK Foundation who had immense potential did not have a medium to showcase it.

This led to the birth of Gul. With a clear objective of leveraging the craftsmanship of these women and curating an exclusive range of gifting products for the global urban consumer, Gul set out on a journey in 2022.

These products developed by these women artisans are not just functional - but they are a perfect amalgamation of our historic art and our outlook of a modern India. Highly functional in their true form, these products are not only chic yet edgy , but also serve a purpose that makes a difference to the society and environment

So next time when you gift a Gul product, remember you're investing in the hopes and dreams of these artists, investing in spreading love bundled in our products, investing in Gul - From Her To You.

Training Centres

Our centres at Gul are spread across the state of Rajasthan, nestled in areas easily accessible to these women. Quaint afternoons are now spent with learning sessions, giggles and some Chai Pe Charcha at these centres.