Training Centres

Training Centers

Gul's centres are strategically located in accessible rural areas, ensuring convenience for the women we cater to. These centres are spread across states, offering a network of support and empowerment. Within these nurturing spaces, quaint afternoons are transformed into meaningful learning sessions, filled with laughter, camaraderie, and some chai pe charcha.

At the heart of Gul lies a deep commitment to the environment and a strong determination to support women from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our mission is to empower these women and foster self-reliance by equipping them with valuable skills. Through our skill centres located in different areas in and around Jaipur, we provide training in diverse crafts such as natural dyeing, stitching, blue pottery, weaving, and crochet etc. By honing these skills, we enable the #WomenOfGul to create artisanal gifting products that are both visually appealing and of exceptional quality.

Kala Dera

is dedicated to the art of natural dyeing.


specialises in weaving techniques.

Kot Jewar

is a centre for the intricate craft of blue pottery.


is where stitching skills are honed.

Jawahar Nagar

is home to our crochet skill centre.

By establishing these skill centres, we create empowering spaces where women can develop their talents and unleash their creativity.

Nestled in the heart of C-Scheme, Jaipur, Gul Studio stands as a vibrant space where we proudly display the exquisitely crafted gifting range by our talented women artisans. Each creation is a masterpiece that speaks volumes about their unwavering dedication and boundless passion. Through Gul, our mission is to bring about a positive transformation in their lives. Within the walls of Gul Studio, a sense of togetherness and camaraderie permeates the air, as we work hand in hand and share moments of joy. It is the relentless efforts and the resilient spirit of the #WomenOfGul that breathe life into Gul, making it blossom into a flourishing hub of creativity and empowerment.