Pink Eco Printed Stole and Collar pin

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Made In India
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Description- Enhance your style with our hand-dyed Silk-Satin Stole. The captivating floral pattern and luxurious fabric effortlessly drape around your shoulders, adding an elegant touch to any outfit.
Complementing the stole is a collar pin that adds sophistication and keeps it securely in place. Crafted from eco-printed satin silk using natural dyes, it reflects our commitment to sustainability while offering vibrant colours.
Packaged in a stylish wooden slider box, it makes a perfect gift. Elevate your style with our Silk-Satin Stole, an exquisite accessory that exudes elegance.
  • Eco Printed on 100% satin silk Stole
  • Naturally dyed in Sappan wood powder.
  • Metal Collar pin.
  • Wooden slider box.
  • Meet the Maker: Natural Dyeing

    Meet the Maker: Natural Dyeing

    Meet The Makers

    Natural Dyeing

    Step into the serene world of Kala Dera, our dedicated centre for the timeless art of natural dyeing. Within these tranquil surroundings, our artisans explore the vibrant palette of colours derived from nature's own offerings—plants, roots, and flowers. Through fair wages, market assistance, and essential programs for development, we wholeheartedly support the artisans of Kala Dera in their journey to preserve the sustainable and eco-friendly process of natural dyeing, allowing their creativity to flourish and their livelihoods to thrive.

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