Black Festive Basket

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Vibrant rope baskets, consciously crafted with sustainability in mind.

Adorned with delicate fabric packaging,

each basket is a celebration of eco-conscious living.

Fill it with reats and surprises to delight your loved ones this festive season, and feel good knowing you're choosing the environment too.

  • Meet the Maker: Stitching

    Meet the Maker: Stitching

    Meet The Makers


    Welcome to Niwaru, our esteemed skill centre where the art of stitching is honed to perfection. Here, our artisans master the techniques of creating intricate patterns and flawless seams, adding the impeccable finishing touches to our products. With our commitment to fair wages, market opportunities, and comprehensive support programs, we empower the talented artisans of Niwaru, showcasing their expertise and enhancing the beauty and quality of our creations.

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